Cheval Knightsbridge

About Us

The Cheval story began in the vibrant streets of Knightsbridge, to the west of central London.

We opened our first property in 1982 in Cheval Place, a quiet street in the heart of Knightsbridge set back from the bustling Brompton Road, home to some of London’s most iconic shopping destinations.

Knightsbridge itself is named after an ancient bridge spanning the Westbourne Stream, and as the first half of the word implies, was the gathering point of knights and their retainers. These knights would have required somewhere to stable their horses, suggesting that Cheval Place, from the French for horse, was aptly named.

The first set of apartments, at 21-25a Cheval Place, became available to book in 1982. A number of apartments in Montpelier Mews were added to the collection in 1989, followed by a further set on Brompton Road, Cheval Place and additional stock in Montpelier Mews in 1995.

In 2008 number 38 Cheval Place was unveiled, and in 2015 even more flats on Brompton Road joined the portfolio. Most recently, the four-bedroom townhouse at Cheval Place was renovated and relaunched in 2017, and a set of one bedroom deluxe apartments opened at 29-31 Cheval Place in 2018.

Cheval Knightsbridge is currently made up of 49 luxury serviced apartments, available for stays of one night, or for any length of stay in some of our extended stay accommodation.

Our neighbourhood

Located in the heart of London, Knightsbridge offers an eclectic lifestyle for locals and tourists, as well as the finest dining, shopping and hospitality. Deriving from its Old English title “Knyghtesbrugg” (1364), this district has acquired its name from the original bridge that crossed the famous River Westbourne. It is now recognised as an exclusive residential and retail area, that attracts visitors and the elite from all over the world.

Knightsbridge’s central location makes accessing other popular areas of London both simple and quick, however, you’ll find everything you need (plus more) in this district alone. Home to top class shopping, world-famous museums and a vibrant food and drink scene, there’s plenty to explore and experience all year round.

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