Cheval Collection


Cheval Collection’s sustainability policy is an extension of our core values and beliefs. Its aim is to demonstrate, for guests, for our team and for our suppliers, our on-going commitment to managing our environmental impact and to continually working on ways to improve and enhance our surroundings.

Cheval Collection’s five-year roadmap for ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) includes a series of targets around key focus areas, including waste monitoring, carbon emissions, employee well-being, supply chain management and resource consumption. We have engaged with partners active in this space to set up a monitoring framework throughout 2023, and, once this data is available and measurable, will be committing to reduction and improvement targets throughout 2024. This page will be updated with more information as our approach to ESG evolves.

They key objectives of Cheval’s ESG strategy in place are to:

  • Minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as energy efficient as possible
  • Minimise emissions through the selection of renewable sources of energy
  • Minimise energy consumption through building management systems optimisation.
  • Actively promote recycling, both internally and amongst guests and suppliers
  • Source and promote a product range with a minimal environmental impact
  • Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the company
  • Ensure the wellbeing of our guests and employees correlates with Company sustainable activities
  • Promote corporate responsibility regarding the environment and community impacts


  • All gas appliances in the residences’ kitchens have been replaced with electric induction models
  • All mechanical and electrical plants are monitored by building energy management systems (BMS)
  • BMS systems are optimised to achieve maximum efficiency to reduce energy
  • Electricity is procured from renewable energy. This is monitored through our incumbent energy advisors
  • Lighting in all public areas is kept to a minimum and wherever possible we introduce occupancy sensors
  • All new properties are specified to be 100% LED. Older properties have invested in LED lighting retrofitting
  • To reduce the amount of water used, we have installed low flow rate shower heads, pressure reducing systems, efficient toilet flush systems and aerators on taps. Our water quality is regularly checked to make sure it conforms with Legionnaires Disease prevention regulation
  • Larger properties are equipped with grey water harvesting systems which is utilised for toilet flushing

Waste management

  • All waste is disposed of in accordance with the relevant legislation depending on type (recyclables, WEEE etc.)
  • We work with ‘Zero waste to landfill’
  • We are moving away from single use toiletries to cut down on plastic waste
  • Recycling in apartments and offices has been introduced; guests and colleagues are encouraged to participate
  • We have seen a reduction of paper waste by reducing printing, upgrading software for maintenance and housekeeping and introducing electronic filing requirement for offices
  • We use environmentally friendly chemicals
  • In our properties linens are changed only every 3rd day
  • We order in bulk ordering to reduce delivery emissions

Air and water pollution control

  • New properties are specified with electrically heated water and heating based on VRV systems instead of natural gas
  • Air conditioning systems are equipped with refrigerant leak detection
  • We encourage our guest to use electric vehicles through installing EV chargers in most of our properties
  • All paints and other maintenance chemicals are water based with low voe levels
  • To ensure wellbeing of our guests and employees, we will be introducing formaldehyde free furnishings and air pollution inhibiting paints for new projects

Community engagement

  • The Company engages with number of local charities
  • All employees are encouraged to actively support their local communities, for example with food collections and winter clothing donations