Cheval Old Town Chambers partners with Amy Mac Gregor to offer all our residents free access to the gym!

Resident guests can benefit from the wide range of machines available to use at the gym which include treadmills, cross trainer, rowers, SkiErg, Skillmill (curved treadmill) and bikes. You can also find a rogue rig for strength building exercise and two benches for weight lifting with barbells and dumbbells, medicine balls and climbing and battle ropes. Whether you are looking for a high cardio training work-out or a weight lifting session, the gym is well equipped to suit your needs.

Personal training sessions and other classes are available for an extra cost. Residents can book a one-to-one personal training session with the certified trainer, Amy Mac Gregor or register for a bootcamp class that takes place every Wednesday for groups of up to six.

The gym also offers nutrition consultation which can be booked at an additional cost. Get to understand your diet better with a tailored meal plan devised to suit your body type and lifestyle.

The gym is open throughout the week and available to use 24 hours a day, offering residents the flexibility to access the gym at their convenience.

For personal training bookings and more information, please contact Amy on 07816 322 776 or email amy@amymacgregor.co.uk


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