Cheval Gloucester Park - Cinema

Exclusive to guests at Cheval Gloucester Park

Private Cinema Room

Check out the latest cinema releases, watch sporting events live or indulge in a classic film in the comfort of Cheval Gloucester Park’s private cinema, with luxurious seating for up to 12 guests in a three-tiered layout.

Located on the ground floor, this unique space offers the ultimate screening experience for your friends and family. Guests can fully immerse themselves in the cinematic world with a 2.4m (108”) wide screen projecting a crystal clear 4k resolution, enhanced by an exceptional surround sound system.

The cinema is normally only available for resident guests and must be pre-booked with the front office team. Please call +44(0)20 7373 1444, or message us on the Cheval App.

A dedicated iPad Mini can be used to control the audio and video systems. This single ‘master’ controller gets rid of the cluster of remotes controls that come as standard with consumer electronics, making the overall user experience simpler, slicker and far more intuitive. To ensure optimum performance, surface mounted acoustic treatments have been installed to ‘tune’ the room. This means the audio performance is optimised and engineered specifically for this room, making the audible experience natural and balanced for all seating positions within the room.