Art at Cheval Gloucester Park

Explore our bespoke gallery

Fourteen renowned artists residing both within the UK and internationally were individually chosen, in conjunction with Verdigris Art, to install their artworks at newly refurbished Cheval Gloucester Park. Bespoke pieces were specially commissioned for the Kensington residence to form a private gallery which can be viewed across the ground floor public areas and also 5-bedroom Penthouses, many of which take inspiration from the local area and heritage.

An example is this spectacular piece by UK artist Lucy Claw (see gallery below), depicting a collage created from works by J M Barrie, the famous author renowned for his book, Peter Pan. Many of the books within this piece are over 100 years old. Lucy writes: “I like to think I have created something beautiful out of books that would otherwise still be hidden in second-hand book shops. The books have taken on a new life as art!”

Further allusions to horses (from the French to English translation of ‘Cheval’) can be found throughout the Residence, with Heidi Lanino’s beautifully drawn and painted work combining both figurative and abstract elements that skilfully capture the movement and fluidity of these iconic creatures.

To find out more about the art at Cheval Gloucester Park, or to view our collection in person, book your stay online or with our reservations team:  T:+44 (0)20 7341 7052 |