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During your stay Cheval Calico House you might hear the local area referred to as ‘The City’, or possibly the ‘Square Mile’. This is a literal square mile in area and was where the Romans first chose to establish a settlement. The City of London is almost a city within a city, with its own distinct mayor, police force and traditions. Today the City is home to the Stock Exchange and the Bank of England, and is recognised as a major financial centre. Yet even in the midst of its modern-day bustle, this affluent area of the capital is still home to 17th century landmarks such as St. Paul’s Cathedral.

The City attracts tourists, families and business owners with a sophisticated food and drinks scene, and there are plenty of opportunities for some retail therapy.

History & Culture

The City of London is monumental to England’s monarchy history.

Largely unchanged since the Middle Ages, it is believed that “Roman London” was established as a trading port on the Thames in around 47 AD. Almost a decade later and “Londinium” was founded, which was then rebuilt as a planed settlement (the largest settlement in Roman Britain by the end of the 1st century).

At its peak, the Roman City hosted between 45,000-60,000 residents, and it was during the period of 190-225 AD when the famous London Wall was built. Fascinatingly, remains of the London Wall can still be found at the Barbican Centre and near The Tower of London.

Alfred the Great (King of Wessex) established a permanent City of London in the 9th century. This era became a unifying moment in British history, as Wessex was the dominant English Kingdom at the time.

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