Careers - Our Values

Excellence, Respect, Positivity & Balance

The Cheval Way

At Cheval you can expect to find dedication to excellence on every level delivered with positivity, respect and a strong sense of balance between our Company, our customers and our colleagues.

BALANCE – It’s about give and take

At Cheval, it’s about give and take, we aim to balance the needs of our company with the needs of our colleagues. We appreciate that our colleagues have important interests outside of work.

POSITIVITY – Positivity works

At Cheval, we enjoy our work and we have a positive outlook for what is happening today and what we have to look forward to in the future. A warm smile, an upbeat character and great sense of humour are all part of our DNA.

RESPECT – Respect, Full Stop

At Cheval, we believe that our vision is best achieved through teamwork, which is created by mutual respect amongst our colleagues. This respect is extended to our customers, our community and our world.

EXCELLENCE – Excellence, Always

At Cheval, we have great pride in our company and in ourselves, and we strive for excellence in everything we do: from our attention to detail, to our commitment to developing our skills, to our will to constantly exceed expectations. Nothing is too much trouble, because for us excellence is standard.


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