Wellbeing Tips For Working From Home

Wellbeing Tips For Working From Home

After recent government advice for COVID-19 (coronavirus), many people are now working from home.

Working from home can be a challenge for those familiar with an office environment and the frequent face-to-face interactions with work colleagues. The morning commute, whether by train, bus, car, bicycle or foot is now replaced by a sub-10-second journey from bed to desk for many. And long uninterrupted days can easily turn into hours at a time fixated on the computer screen, with even fewer breaks than you might have taken in the office.

In this article, we share several healthy practices to help make working from home a good experience, not only that, but practices to keep your body and mind healthy too!


Have a dedicated workspace

Having a dedicated workspace may help you maintain the focus you need to complete your tasks. When you’re at your workspace, your mind switches to work mode and you can dedicate your full attention to work related activities. When you’re at other areas of your house, you know that this is no longer work and you can step away for a much needed break. Having a dedicated workspace is also important for your health too; an office chair and a desk may help with your posture when looking at a screen or device; the heights of the workspace helps as you’re not looking down like when you would be on your phone, that may lead to long-term posture damage. It is vital for your mental health to separate work from your personal life.


Have a daily routine

Having a routine that you can stick to may help set the tone for the day and can help you cruise through your week days. Routines are scientifically proven to help reduce mental fatigue and make you happier (Headspace). Be sure to end your working day properly and begin your evening in a separate headspace. This will provide yourself with enough time to revitalize for the following day. We highly recommend time blocking your routines, Google Calendar is a perfect free tool for this – all you need is a Google account.


Stay active throughout the day

Keeping active throughout the day is important for your physical health. Keeping your body and muscles moving, in turn, maintains your heart health and releases endorphins that make you feel happy, even improving your mental health.

Scheduling a workout into your daily routine is a great idea to ensure you dedicate the time. According to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, staying active has many benefits:

  • Helps to manage your stress level and makes you happy
  • Helps to prevent and manage conditions and diseases
  • It can help you live longer
  • Helps to improve your sleep
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Gives you more energy

Download Cheval App on Google Play or iTunes for free in-app home workout guides led by Emma Broome, our health and wellbeing partner at LIFE Acrobat. On the app, you’ll find a series of exclusive workout videos covering core to abs, legs and cardiovascular exercises.


Drink plenty of water

As Lifehack calls it, dehydration is “The Silent Killer”. Drinking water should in fact be a habit as 60% of our body is made up of water and our brain is composed of 75% water. Although dehydration doesn’t always show an obvious sign, when staring at your screen for too long without being hydrated it may cause tiredness, dry mouth, headaches, fogginess in the head and lack of concentration. In order to avoid any of the symptoms above, ensure to drink at least 10 glasses of water daily.


Take scheduled breaks

In the real office environment, we take lunch breaks to refuel our energy and clear our headspace, this rule also applies to when we’re working from home. Research shows that we are often more productive when taking 5 to 10 minute breaks after each task. This helps to clear the mind before moving on to the next important task on your to-do list.


Have a routine after work

Having a routine straight after work is a good way to help tell your mind that work is now over and this is the leisure part of life. Things like this can be identified by activity types and when during the day i.e. after working hours hence why having a daily routine is very important as it helps to create a work-life balance. Why not invest in a board game, cards or settle down for the next episode of a new series. Cooking is another great way to switch your focus, why not have a look at our Cheval home cook recipes for some inspiration!


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