Pubs in Edinburgh

Pubs in Edinburgh

Autumn is beginning to creep in and the fallen leaves are starting to sprinkle the ground with their familiar orange glow. With the weather fluctuating from one day to the next, you might find that deciding on your social plans is a bit more difficult, especially when deciding between an outdoor meetup and a cosy indoor catch-up. But don’t worry, today we present to you our favourite pubs in the cosy city of Edinburgh where you can enjoy your favourite beverages indoors in some of Edinburgh’s pubs featuring beautiful interiors. We should also mention that the history behind these pubs and their interiors is rather fascinating, so we would urge you to ask for a backstory if you’re curious about the grandeur of the building!

Opening times may be slightly different due to COVID-19. Guests are required to make a booking directly with the pubs prior to visiting in order to avoid disappointment.

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The Guildford Arms

Photo Credit: The Guildford Arms Edinburgh

The Guildford Arms is known as Edinburgh’s ale emporium, established in 1896. As you walk inside the pub, you’ll see and feel the luxurious interior design; the work was done by Robert Macfarlabe. The Guildford Arms was one of many pubs built during the height of the Temperance movement. This movement criticises alcohol and emphasizes its negative effect on health, personalities and family lives. Based on its history and how far the pub has come since the early 1900’s, the interior of The Guildford Arms is now known to be one of the ‘Golden Age’ of Scottish pub designs.

Inside, you can expect a large selection of draught beer options from Cask Ale, Keg Beer and more.

Website: https://guildfordarms.com/

Address: 1 W Register St, Edinburgh EH2 2AA

The Abbotsford Bar and Restaurant (Pub)

Photo Credit: The Abbotsford Bar & Restaurant

The Abbotsford Bar and Restaurant is a beautifully decorated Edwardian style pub and its design also originates from the ‘Golden Age’ of Scottish pubs. In the early part of the last century, The Abbotsford was well known by Music Hall Artistes who performed at the Empire, Lyceum and Royal theatres. But the history of incredible performances by incredible talents doesn’t stop there. If you’re curious to read the whole story of all the talents who performed at the pub and when in history, please visit the pub’s website by clicking here.

Website: https://theabbotsford.com/

Address: 3-5 Rose St, Edinburgh EH2 2PR

The Scottie

Photo Credit: George Nicolson (Decorators) Ltd

A very short walk from Edinburgh’s own sports stadium, which previously hosted many well known games such as the 1970 British Commonwealth Games, you’ll be able to enjoy your favourite beer and watch live sport on a large screen in the pub at The Scottie. Loved by locals for its generous screen size, this is a perfect place to catch up with your pals or to talk sport all day, especially during the live game season. The Scottie also serves food from starters, mains to burgers and sandwiches.

Address: 100 Northfield Broadway, Edinburgh, EH8 7RU

The Black Bull

Photo Credit: The Scotsman Food & Drink

Located in the most vibrant area of Edinburgh at Grassmarket, you’ll find The Black Bull. This is the go-to place if you’re in the market for some local beer and food. The Black Bull offers food, drinks, live music and live sports. The pub was originally a hotel for traders attending the cattle market, however today, it has been transformed into Edinburgh’s entertainment hub, popular with the locals. Owned by The Signature Pub Group, the company aims to showcase the best of Scottish produce and hospitality in the most unique way through the selection of food and beverages to events happening at the venue.

Website: https://signaturepubs.co.uk/venue/the-black-bull/

Address: 12 Grassmarket, Edinburgh, EH1 2JU

The Three Sisters

Photo Credit: The Scotsman Food & drink

Located in what is considered as the ‘heart of Edinburgh’ is The Three Sisters pub that sits at The Cowgate. With all-day parties and plenty of good times, this would be the hotspot that the locals would go to. Whether you’re there to socialise or catch up, the menu is designed for sharing. They serve juicy burgers, loaded fries and their famous woodfired pizzas are perfect for sharing with your loved ones!

Website: https://thethreesistersbar.co.uk/

Address: 139 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1JS


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