Hot Pot Hotspots In London

Hot Pot Hotspots In London

Hot pot is a delicious simmering, bubbling pot of broth, placed in the center of a dining table, where diners can choose to create their own dish from a variety of prepared meats, vegetables, and more. Presented with a bowl and chopsticks, the diner uses chopsticks to dip the selected ingredients into the bubbling broth. Once cooked they are transferred into the bowl, to be enjoyed alongside some tasty condiments!

Although hot pot originated from Mongolia 800 – 900 years ago, the idea of this communal dish quickly spread across China. Soon after that, many Asian cultures also adopted the dish into their own traditions. Whether enjoying a hot pot for one, or a sharer pot with friends or family, the popular dish is made to be enjoyed by everyone. Fast forward to today, hot pot has traveled across the world, all the way to our very own culturally diverse city, London.

With the huge variety of options available, rest assured you will find something that will satisfy your palate. Take your pick: Thai, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese, the choice is yours! And the best part about hot pot is that you can enjoy a large spread of ingredients, but also be selective in what you decide to cook. . .

Before we get your mouth watering, let’s dip into the places that you can find hot pot in London.


Here are some of our hot pot hotspots in London

Chalida Hot Pot (Thai hot pot)

Chalida Hot Pot specialises in Thai ingredients. They provide a choice of pots, split into one, two, three, or even four sections giving you the opportunity to try up to four kinds of broths in one sitting. Although Chalida specialises in Thai ingredients, they also offer Korean and Chinese style broths.

Address: 17 Wardour Street, W1D 6PJ


Assa (Korean Hot pot)

At Assa, you will be able to find many traditional Korean dishes, and of course, hot pot with a Korean style broth. There are 13 flavours of broth for you to pick your favourite. Although the portions are small, you can either choose to have one to yourself, but even better share a hot pot between your friends.

Address: 23 Romilly Street, W1D 5


Eat Tokyo (Japanese Hot pot)

Eat Tokyo are known for their Japanese style hot pot, Shabu-Shabu. This is simply just another type of hot pot with similar ingredients. At Eat Tokyo, you will be able to get the sashimi boat where ingredients are already selected for you offering you better value for money. But if you prefer to pick your own ingredients, you can also do that!

Address: 628 Finchley Rd, Golders Green, London NW11 7RR


Tianfu Chinese Restaurant (Chinese hot pot)

If you are craving Chinese style broth, Tianfu is the perfect destination for you and your companions. Select your preferred type of broth and pick your favourite ingredients. Other than hot pot, Tianfu also offers traditional Chinese dishes allowing you to enjoy a variety of Chinese food in one place.

Address: 39 Bulwer Street, W12 7


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