Cheval Knightsbridge And Cheval Phoenix House Valentine’s Day Fundraising

Cheval Knightsbridge And Cheval Phoenix House Valentine’s Day Fundraising

When the world celebrated the day of love last Friday, teams at Cheval Knightsbridge and Cheval Phoenix House organised a Valentine’s themed fundraising breakfast to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Great Ormond Street Hospital is children’s charity dedicated to providing world-class care and research into children’s health, focusing on areas such as cancer treatments, nerve-wasting diseases and severe birth defects. Despite all the challenges each child goes through, the hospital believes that it is a place where “being sick does not always mean being sad. And it’s a place where you’ll find – today and every day some of the bravest people you could ever meet.”

Cheval teams put on a delicious spread with oat smoothies, pancakes with maple syrup and strawberries, egg muffins and omelettes, even pigs in blankets and then vegan options such as aloo paratha, banana pancakes, hash browns, baked beans and fruit bowls.

Each colleague contributed a minimum of £3 and raised a total of £90 for the event.

A massive thank you to team members who organised the breakfast; Priya, Ramy and Thushara, as well as the participants of this charitable breakfast who also took these photos to document the special event.

Click here to visit Great Ormond Street Hospital website


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