Cheval App 2.0
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Cheval App 2.0

Introducing Cheval 2.0, making stays even smoother with new features personalised to the individual guest.

The updated app enables guests to track their bookings and check-in on arrival, all from the convenience of their mobile. With a slick new design as well as an abundance of information about the local area, there’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to activities, restaurants and attractions – you’ll be living like a local before you know it!

Head to the “Health and wellbeing” section and you’ll come across a range of workout videos in partnership with LIFE Acrobat. Each one guides you through an exercise, targeting a specific part of your body using everyday objects and areas within your Cheval apartment – meaning you can stay fit and healthy without even needing to leave the building.

The app also has a messaging service to make requests, so you can chat with our Residence teams with ease.

Here is a summary of what is new for Cheval App 2.0

  • Track Cheval Collection bookings
  • Check-in function
  • In-apartment workout guide
  • Exclusive in-app offers

Towards the end of 2019, Cheval Collection integrated a new system, RMS cloud technology which allows Cheval Collection teams to manage all the key administration tasks through a single cloud-based platform. Criton’s latest technology then retrieves guest information from RMS cloud and transmits this to the guest.

George Westwell, CEO of Cheval Collection, said:

“Our guest experience is always of the utmost importance to us and we’re delighted that with Criton’s new technology we’ve built an app that is helping us support the entire guest journey.”

A massive thank you to teams at RMS and Criton for helping Cheval Collection integrate an award-winning hospitality technology.


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