4 Ways To Stay Active At Home

4 Ways To Stay Active At Home

Your morning commute may have undergone a drastic change as of late, and whilst the journey from bed to desk next door is ultra-convenient, your step count has taken a huge battering!

So in the absence of gyms, swimming pools, parks and in some cases, minimal outdoor space, what can we do to stay healthy?

It’s all about keeping as active as you can throughout the day, avoiding long periods of sitting and keeping your body moving where possible. Movement requires circulation, which in turn gets your heart pumping, keeping both it and you healthy and happy.



One of the most underestimated forms of exercise can be attributed to the simple household chore. Did you know that mopping comes on top, in some cases enabling you to burn up to a whopping 405 calories per week (that’s the same as a 4-mile run!). Vacuuming, laundry, dusting and sweeping are all ways to get you up and moving around, as well as leaving you with a spotless home to enjoy day after day.


Home workouts 

We have partnered with health and wellbeing experts LIFE Acrobat, offering our guests bespoke consultations including tailored exercise programs, nutrition and mental health. LIFE Acrobat have also filmed a selection of simple home exercises, using areas and everyday objects commonly found within the home. With different focus areas to choose from, all you need to get started is the Cheval app.


Stretching and Yoga

Whilst a sweaty workout session is ideal for some, others may prefer a more gentle method of exercise. A good stretch or a yoga class can provide less impactful bodily movements, whilst promoting circulation and helping to keep stiffness at bay. There a multitude of guides and videos available online to guide you through a session – why not take a look at Yoga with Adriene.



Some hobbies can keep more than just your mind active. Painting, DIY and home improvements, gardening, cooking and even knitting. The difference between sitting on your sofa all day, vs spending an hour or two a day on a personal passion can be hugely beneficial. If you’re lucky enough to own an outdoor space or just some windowsill plants to maintain, your lungs will be thanking you for the fresh air either way!


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