Careers at Cheval Collection

Cheval Collection currently operates eight Residences and one Maison in London, and three Residences in Edinburgh, with locations in each city’s most sought-after neighbourhoods. Each Cheval location has its own individual style, yet all share the same ethos and levels of service. We are an all-apartment accommodation provider catering for any length of stay, from one night to one year and more. Our guests come from all walks of life and from virtually every country around the world.

We invite you to learn more about the people that bring Cheval to life – our colleagues. We are proud to have placed within The Caterer Magazine’s top six ranking of the best 30 places to work in hospitality in the UK for the past two years. The rankings are based on independent surveys of all our colleagues.

Working for Cheval you will have the time to offer a truly excellent service to guests and practise attention to detail in all that you do. You will work with colleagues who respect your contribution to the success of the company and who will share a positive outlook with you.

How do I apply for a role?
We invite you to visit our employee hub for news and information about working at Cheval Collection (you don’t need to login). You can also search for any roles for which we are actively recruiting, as well as registering your CV on our online portal for future opportunities. Our human resources team will review any application received and will respond to all of them.

Here are some tips when applying for a role with Cheval Collection. Much of this may well be common sense, but ‘the basics’ are the basics for a very good reason!

  • Tell us why you’re motivated to apply for the role. Is it the next step on your career path? Are you looking for a broader experience? Is it because you’ve heard wonderful things about us? This can be especially helpful if you currently work in a different or related industry
  • Tell us what skills you bring with you
  • Tell us why you want to work for Cheval in particular. As a qualified, talented candidate you have options… why us?!

Paid Holiday: At Cheval, hard work goes a long way and we offer a generous holiday entitlement for colleagues. Rewarding those that have also shown loyalty to the company for a prolonged period of time, holidays can increase with service.

Pension Scheme: All colleagues are invited to enrol on our pension scheme.

Colleague Rate: You get to stay at our beautiful properties for a discounted rate. There is also a very favourable rate available for friends and family to stay.

Training and Development: Cheval offers a broad and comprehensive range of opportunities for training and development to grow your knowledge and experience

Reward and Recognition: We operate a rewards and recognition scheme to celebrate those colleagues who go the extra mile

Long Service Recognition: We respect the commitment colleagues make to the company and celebrate this commitment by holding an annual celebration of long service achievements

Recommend a Friend: A cash bonus for recommending someone you know who goes on to work at Cheval for at least six months


It’s about give and take

At Cheval we aim to balance the needs of our company with the needs of our colleagues. We appreciate that our colleagues have important interests outside of work.

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Respect, Full Stop

At Cheval, we believe that our vision is best achieved through teamwork, which is created by mutual respect amongst our colleagues. This respect is extended to our customers, our community and our world.

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Positivity Works

At Cheval, we enjoy our work and we have a positive outlook for what is happening today and what we have to look forward to in the future. A warm smile, an upbeat character and great sense of humour are all part of our DNA.

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Excellence, Always

At Cheval, we have great pride in our company and in ourselves, and we strive for excellence in everything we do. For us excellence is standard.

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All the personality traits we look for in Cheval team employees apply regardless of where you fit into the organisation. From team members to senior managers, every individual has a role to play. Rather than strictly defined ‘competencies’, the emphasis is on behaviours, which we have set out in five key areas.

Focused & Expertly Excellent

Cheval Collection aims to be guests’ first choice when booking luxury accommodation, offering a diverse, upscale and fully serviced range of apartments for any length of stay. The focused and expertly excellent component of this starts with a clear vision from senior managers that is well articulated by department heads and supervisors, and clearly communicated to team members interacting

Honest & Open

Open and honest communication is crucial in any workplace, and Cheval is no different. A team member who has enough information to understand the bigger picture will always perform better than someone working in a silo. Communication of course works both ways, and we expect our senior managers to create an environment of trust that means feedback from all colleagues is listened to and acted upon.

Innovative & Curious

The hospitality industry is dynamic and competitive, and Cheval employees are encouraged to keep their ear to the ground and to share new ideas with their supervisors and department heads. You should have an open mind when it comes to new and different ways of working and be prepared to adapt where necessary.

Professional & Positively Passionate

The best way to lead is by example. Attitude is not something you can teach, but with a positive approach anyone can learn new skills and develop within their role. We also look for team members who are passionate about the industry and deliver superior service to all our guests.

Caring & Considerate

To get the best out of our teams we look for managers and leaders who drive a culture of health and well being and are supportive to their colleagues. We expect team members to pitch and in and offer help when it is needed, and to give and receive feedback in a positive way.


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