Historically modern London

Also locally known as the Square Mile, the City is the business and financial services heart of London and probably one of the world’s most exciting places to visit or work. For those who are more familiar with London’s West End, including Knightsbridge and Kensington, the City and the area to the east offer an exciting mix of the brand new and the historic. World-famous attractions jostle for attention with some of the most exciting shopping, bars and restaurants London has to offer.

Often known as ‘The City’ or ‘Square Mile’, this area of London is largely unchanged since the Middle Ages.   It is believed that Roman London was established as a trading port on the Thames around 47 AD.  Little more than 10 years later ‘Londinium’ was founded. Londinium was then rebuilt as a planned settlement which led the way to becoming the largest settlement in Roman Britain by the end of the 1st Century. At its height the Roman City had between 45,000-60,000 residents and it was during the period 190-225 AD that the ‘London Wall’ was built.  Remains of the London Wall can still be found at the Barbican and near the Tower of London.

A permanent ‘ City of London’ was established by Alfred the Great (King of Wessex) in the 9th Century AD.  This period became a unifying moment in British history with Wessex becoming the dominant English Kingdom at the time. The City of London continues to play an historic part in England’s monarchy to this very day.

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