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As one of London’s most affluent and fashionable districts, Chelsea hosts some of the best high-end restaurants, designer stores and theatres.

Initially a Saxon Village (where its name derives from), Chelsea became an affluent district during the 16th and 17th century. Interestingly, the famous “Kings Road” was named during this period, as it was once a private road leading to the Royal Palace and Hampton Court. Sloane Square picked up its name from Sir Hans Sloane, who was a physician to the Kings and Queens of the 17th century. The world-famous “Chelsea Pensioners”, who still wear a uniform of scarlet coats and tricorn hats to this very day, once resided at The Royal Hospital Chelsea, upon retirement from the British Army. This landmark was built by Sir Christopher Wren, one of Britain’s most distinguished architects.

Chelsea is also known for the famous writers, artists and poets who once lived there, such as Oscar Wilde and James McNeill. This is why the district now hosts cutting-edge theatre and some of the finest galleries.

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