What’s Worth Watching On Netflix
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What’s Worth Watching On Netflix

With ample time to sit back and enjoy Netflix in the comfort of our homes, the question isn’t so much about when to watch, but what to watch.

So we asked teams at Cheval Collection to share their favourite films or series that they feel should be on everyone’s must-watch list, accompanied by their reasons why. By the end of this article, we promise you’ll have at least two new titles to add to your list!


The Witcher

 John Philipson, Chief Operating Officer

“A very good fantasy drama set in medieval times with demon’s witches and monsters. Sounds silly but I loved it.”


Tem Tempest-Roe, Marketing Assistant Manager

“Ideal for those who enjoyed Game of Thrones, this is a fantasy drama centered around a monster hunter, set in a magical world, exploring themes such as destiny, time, family bonds and of course magic. Starring Henry Cavil amongst a host of up and coming stars, what the story-line lacks, the cast certainly makes up for!”


Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Friends (3 series)

Patrizia Moretti, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

“If you want to have fun, get to know the characters and you feel like you don’t want to focus too much with a tricky and confusing tv show, How I met your mother, The Big Bang Theory and Friends are definitely the shows you’re looking for, for a good a laugh (and good cry sometimes 😊)”



 John Philipson, Chief Operating Officer

“A modern love story with some amazing twists and turns . Slightly dark and murderous at times but a great twisted cast. Already into its 2nd season.”


Bolly Phachaya Methakittiworakun, Marketing Assistant

“The storyline is a genius and got me hooked. I watched it all in one sit as I couldn’t get my eyes off the screen and my head off the storyline. A crime romantic drama featuring an obsessive young man who goes above and beyond for the girl he loves – but how far can one go for someone they love? You can find out the answer to that in the series, 2 series for you to enjoy.”


Dirty Money

Bolly Phachaya Methakittiworakun, Marketing Assistant

“Discover the behind the scenes of stories of corporate corruption, securities fraud and creative accounting and what it has caused many citizens in the country or for some cases, worldwide. The two-season series is made into an hour-long insightful Docuseries for each episode. Rated above 8 by the majority of the film critiques, you’ll be guaranteed to learn many secrets of the biggest corporations you’ve never thought of learning. The best Docuseries I’ve watched and learned about the secrets I never thought I would know.”


The Crown

Paula Spittlehouse, Director of Human Resources

“So interesting to understand the history and see behind the scenes of what may have happened – Loved it!”


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Robert Speirs, Marketing Manager

“A comedy sit-com based in a NYC police station. Each episode is an ‘American’ half-hour, which without TV ads means 22 minute episodes of pure comedy genius. Perfect for bite-size pieces of escapism, and there are currently several series so you can binge for days!”


The Stranger

Selina Wakeling, Global Head of Sales at Cheval Collection

“Very addictive with twists and turns!”



Patrizia Moretti, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

“A bit of time travel, sci-fi and thriller, Dark is definitely worth a shot if you are looking for something different than usual. A bit confusing, yes, but it’ll all come together at the end. (I’m currently waiting for season 3!).”


Love Is Blind

Bolly Phachaya Methakittiworakun, Marketing Assistant

“A reality TV show based on a group of people who are being tested to find out the answer of whether or not, love is blind. The group will be meeting their potential partners just through speaking and without seeing each other in a cubicle. Within 10 days, if they fall in love, they may ask the person in the other cubicle to marry them and only then they meet after they have said “yes” to the person they’re going to spend the rest of their lives with. Definitely an interesting watch or we can even call it an experiment!”


Locke & Key

Patrizia Moretti, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

“If you are looking for magic together with adventure and thriller, Locke & Key is the one! Very interesting and unusual use of magic keys, it kept me absolutely glued to the screen.”


The Good Place

 John Philipson, Chief Operating Officer

“Light comedy of an eclectic odd bunch who find themselves in The Good Place or Bad place or both trying to work out what it means to be a good person.”


Stranger Things

Bolly Phachaya Methakittiworakun, Marketing Assistant

“Set in the 1980s in Indiana, a group of friends in their teenage years discovers supernatural forces hidden by the government. The call started with one person in the friendship group who wanted to keep a pet, something he found adorable hidden in his bin by the front door and later found out that the creature he found was a Demogorgon from the Upside Down world. One of the friend’s was possessed by the Mind Flayer and the series is about searching where the Upside Down world is and how to get their friend back from the supernatural world.”


Our Planet

Patrizia Moretti, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

“Very, very interesting and enjoyable documentary by Sir David Attenborough, Our Planet, goes through the animal and plant wonders on Earth. This documentary was filmed recently to show us what the human impact is doing to nature. I’ve learnt so much!”


Tiger King

 John Philipson, Chief Operating Officer

“Documentary – Stranger than fiction Feud and murder for hire plot set in America. Weird , shocking and generally interesting about the fact there are some weird people out there.”


Queer Eye

Bolly Phachaya Methakittiworakun, Marketing Assistant

“A series of more than life makeovers featuring the fab five; Johnathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk; each with their own fab skill that will help make a difference to those of the life they are revamping. This is a heartfelt good-cry 4 seasons for you to enjoy.”



 John Philipson, Chief Operating Officer

“If you like sci-fi and don’t jump from the near future and the past then this is a great watch and already on Season 3 so plenty to occupy in isolation.”



Tem Tempest-Roe, Marketing Assistant Manager

“A financial advisor and his all-American family from Chicago caught up in a life of money laundering for a Mexican drug cartel. It’s an unlikely combination with vibes perhaps similar to Breaking Bad. I’m only on episode 4 but hooked!”


Formula 1

Selina Wakeling, Global Head of Sales at Cheval Collection

“Great behind the scenes documentary, with open emotions from all involved!”


Images credit: IMDB, TVGuide.com,


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