Virtual Reality Experiences In London

Virtual Reality Experiences In London

Although global travel is restricted at the moment, the leisure industry in London has been working hard to continue to inspire travelers virtually, with the help of some of London’s top attractions. There’s no better way to preview some of the exciting things you ‘ll be able to see when you do finally make it to the capital! This article provides a welcome taster of our city, in preparation for the day that we’re all safe to travel again. With many events taking place throughout the year, London has something for everyone no matter when you choose to visit.

Garden Day

Taking place on the 10th May, Garden Day is a virtual event encouraging the nation to share images of their own back gardens, plants and patios, to highlight the joy that the natural world can bring us. Everyone is invited to get involved by sharing an image on social media channels tagging @GardenDayUK and using the hashtag #GardenDayUK. You can share anything from a corner of plants in your house, the flowers on your window sill or back gardens for those lucky enough to have them! Don’t forget to participate and share your joy with the world through social media on Garden Day.

National Theatre

Theatre is widely enjoyed by many. If you’ve been thinking of giving theatre acts a try, now is the perfect time for you to try this from the comfort of your own home. The National Theatre’s YouTube channel is bringing you top acts straight to your screen at home. Every Thursday, there will be a new free show for you to watch and will remain free of charge for the whole week. Visit The National Theatre’s YouTube channel for the latest updates!

Sounds From Around The World

Stay at home together to make the world a safe place so we can travel again. Let your soul travel through sound shared by fellows from around the world. Visit the Cities and Memory website to view their map feature, click on the pin of the city of your choice and travel through sound. We’ve tried this ourselves and love the sound of nature from everywhere in the world. Close your eyes and visualize yourself there; this meditative state may help you fully enjoy the experience of travelling through sound.

The National Gallery VR Tour

The National Gallery’s website offers you an experience on your screen at home, but it is as if you were there. You can explore the Sainsbury Wing from your home, using your mouse to click your way around the gallery, turning left, right or walking straight ahead around the building as if you were there in person! You also have the option to zoom in on each artwork. Explore the gallery at your own pace and enjoy the masterpieces on display.

RED at Galerie Lelong

Artwork with a focus on the colour red by the artists at the Galerie, bringing to life topics such as the body, emotions and politics. All proceeds from this event will go towards Heart to Heart International to support their international and domestic responses to COVID-19.

Westminster Abbey

Although the Westminster Abbey is currently closed for on-sight in-person visits, you can still experience the Westminster Abbey through an interactive walk-through tour as if you were visiting. This can be a fun activity for all ages. Browse and walk through in your own time and click where you would like to walk to as if you were really there. Alternatively, visit the Westminster Abbey’s official website to learn more, so you’re all clued up before your next in-person visit.


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