Travel in Serenity with AirGO

Travel in Serenity with AirGO

We have officially partnered with AirGO, a boutique airline specialising in on-demand flights across Europe – offering you the very best of private travel. AirGO combines 5* service with world class catering, providing a truly unique and tailor-made experience that is unmatched in the industry.  We are now able to offer you a seamless service from start to finish when you travel with AirGO and stay at any of our Residences. What could be more perfect than flying in a spacious and comfortable jet to then check-in to one of our fabulous penthouses at Cheval Three Quays or Cheval The Edinburgh Grand!

Now let us tell you why you should be flying private!

1. Create more personal time to explore new places and pursue passions and hobbies

Instead of waiting for a delayed flight and worrying about getting to the airport hours and hours before. Private flying gives you the one thing you can never get back – lost time! And when you stay at any of our London and Edinburgh residences, you will want to spend as much time as possible exploring the local neighbourhoods in the heart of the most exciting cities. With AirGO you can arrange a flight within hours and arrive at the airport minutes prior to your departure time – giving you time to roam around Edinburgh Castle or get lost in Harrods department store.

 2. Make travelling relaxing not stressful

After a luxurious stay at Cheval Collection, the last thing we want our guests to feel is stressed about their travels home. There are many culprits when flying commercially including long queues, lost luggage, and inadequate customer service. By flying with AirGO, you can be sure to bypass all those stress inducers, facilitating an all-round successful and relaxing trip.

AirGO Interior

3. Decrease Risk of Exposure to Passengers                   

Unfortunately we can’t forget the risks that crowds impose during this current time. By flying private, passengers can minimise the risk to themselves and others, avoiding the masses of commercial travellers in airports. Every AirGO aircraft cabin is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior every passenger flight. Also, hand sanitiser for passengers and crews is provided on board. All aircrafts are equipped with an environmental system that constantly supplies fresh air to the cabin. What used to be an extravagant way of travelling quickly has now become a reliable and responsible option to get to a destination.

 4. Delicious 5 Star Cuisine 

Cheval Collection and AirGO have teamed up to ensure that each guest is able to receive the very best culinary experience. Whether it’s prepared by our private chef partner La Belle Assiette and enjoyed in the comfort of our penthouses in Cheval Three Quays, or carefully curated by the AirGO team savoured in a spacious and spectacular jet.

5. Fly Sustainably

At AirGO sustainability is a central value that is embraced in multiple areas of the business. AirGO were also the first in the business aviation sector to introduce their carbon offset program. Sustainability is incorporated in their entire operation to reduce CO2emissions, therefore passengers can have peace of mind when flying with a company that is actively environmentally conscious.

Visit our affiliates page for a full list of Cheval partners.


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