Top 5 London Attractions

Top 5 London Attractions

No matter the occasion behind your visit to London, the city has a huge number of attractions for you to visit. In this article, we have condensed the options available into a list of our top 5. Look no further because our recommendations will make your trip to the city well worth it, in fact, you might even find yourself planning a return visit!


Covent Garden

Covent Garden is known for being the  West End’s most famous market. Covent Garden takes us back to 1631 when the area was turned into a public square when the land was granted to the Duke of Bedford. The market had its own journey of development from being a fresh food market to its reopening as a shopping centre in 1974, with fashionable shops and leading brands located in the area. As well as being a shopping destination, Covent Garden also has Museums, where you can immerse yourself into London’s culture. On some days, you can also enjoy live performances at the square, from comedy to stunt performances.


The London Eye

Experience iconic London views from the top of a London icon. the 443ft high London Eye. Each year, about 3.5 million tourists pay a visit to the fourth-largest ferris wheel in the world, giving you more reasons to check out this popular attraction. If you feel adventurous and want to beat a celebrity record of the number of rides on the London Eye, Kate Moss has been up the ferris wheel 25 times – are you up to the challenge?

Here is a fun fact about the London Eye: there are 33 capsules in total, one capsule to represent each of the city’s 32 boroughs, missing out unlucky number 13.



Also located in the West End of the city, Chinatown is the destination that will tickle your taste buds. Bringing you a taste of many Asian cultures, there are so many cuisines for you to try. Why not read our Guide To Chinatown in London if you’re heading to Chinatown for our top restaurant recommendations. You will know as soon as you reach Chinatown by the number of  cultural food options available as you pass through.


The British Museum

The British Museum is the world’s oldest national public museum founded in 1753. If you’ve seen the film, Night At The Museum 3, you will want to add this to your list of places to visit in London, because this is the spot it was filmed. Did you know that until the 19th Century, the British Museum was lit by natural light only? To reduce the risk of fire, lamps and candles were not permitted in the galleries. The museum also had its own tube station which closed in 1933, when the new Holborn station opened less than 100 yards away.


National Gallery

If you’re more into the art scene, The National Gallery is the perfect spot for you to see some European masterpieces. Located in the West End, you can easily get there by traveling to Charing Cross or Leicester Square Station before a short walk to the destination. The museum has 2,300 works on display and is free to visit. Some famous pieces you can find at the museum are Van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait, Velázquez’s Rokeby Venus, Turner’s Fighting Temeraire and Van Gogh’s Sunflowers.


Image credit: @PhotosOfEngland and @LisaInLondonx


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