Things To Do Near Cheval The Edinburgh Grand

Things To Do Near Cheval The Edinburgh Grand

Are you ready for a reunion with loved ones? How about a beautiful historic city with lots to see and do, where everything is accessible on foot? Let us ease the burden and help you with your planning! Today we will be sharing some of the attractions you can discover when visiting Edinburgh, a small city in Scotland.

Take a look at our luxury Residences in Edinburgh for an extra special stay and more specifically, Cheval The Edinburgh Grand which is ideally located in the New Town close to all of the activities within this blog post. Though you’ll be kept busy exploring these places, Edinburgh has so much more to offer than just the attractions in the surrounding area. If you’re staying for a weekend, you’ll have time to cover most of the city’s attractions, located in both the New Town and the Old Town.

And if you’re looking to stay in Edinburgh’s Old Town, head over to Things To Do Near Cheval Old Town Chambers, and whilst you’re there explore a stay at this Residence located just off the Royal Mile.

Attractions Near Cheval The Edinburgh Grand

Edinburgh Castle

Just a short 11-minute walk from Cheval The Edinburgh Grand, you will arrive at Edinburgh Castle, located on top of an extinct volcano.

Your visit to Edinburgh would not be complete without a trip to the castle. This is the place to learn more about Scotland’s history and soak up the atmosphere of an iconic Scottish site. One of the best parts about where the castle is located is the view – this will make your visit to Edinburgh unforgettable.

Edinburgh Castle will be reopening on the 1st August 2020 and we are very excited.

The Royal Mile

The Royal Mile consists of a number of streets that form the main thoroughfare of the Old Town. You’ll find this famous promenade between the Castle Gate and the Palace. The streets forming the Old Town are named Lawnmarket, the High Street, the Canongate and Abbey Strand.

The Royal Mile is surrounded by towering tenements, closes and narrowed stairways enabling you to uncover the hidden streets and history of the area every step of your walk in the Old Town.

A short walk from The Royal Mile is Grassmarket, which was once a medieval market place and also a site for public executions. Grassmarket is now a vibrant area filled with drinking spots and shops, surrounded by medieval architecture with a view to the Castle.

National Gallery of Scotland

Although the National Gallery remained close during COVID-19 and the teams are currently working on reopening the gallery buildings soon, the grounds are still open for you to enjoy. If you’re a lover of both art and the outdoors, you’ll find the best of both worlds at the National Gallery of Scotland, particularly in the Summer months. A pop-up cafe serves drinks as you explore the outdoor world-class sculptures.

Princes Street Gardens

Known as the most beautiful park in Edinburgh, Princes Street Gardens separates Edinburgh’s Old Town from the New Town. As well as a great outdoor space to spend sunny days, you can also expect to see a collection of the public monuments and memorials there. There are three types in total:

  • The first commemorates influential Scottish men of the 18th and 19th centuries
  • The second remembers those who have died fighting in wars
  • The third collection includes miscellaneous sculptures and monuments such as the Ross Fountain.

*Information from Edinburgh Government Directory record*

Credit: Edinburgh Castle: @edinburghcastle, The Royal Mile: @simply_kinds, National Gallery Of Scotland: @brettian_, Princes Street Gardens: @scottishbeyonce


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