Things To Do Near Cheval Old Town Chambers

Things To Do Near Cheval Old Town Chambers

Whether you’re looking to sample local cuisines, explore museums and heritage sites, or browse the souvenir shops with friends and family during your visit to Edinburgh, staying at Cheval Old Town Chambers will take the stress out of planning the logistics. The Residence is conveniently located in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, meaning it is quick and easy for you to walk from one place to another without having to think about navigating public transport.

In this article we will be sharing some of the top attractions located close by, all under a 10-minute walk, helping you to organise your trip down to the minute and give you an idea of what you can discover close-by.

Attractions near Cheval Old Town Chambers

The Writers’ Museum

Located on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh’s Old Town and a three minute walk from Cheval Old Town Chambers, you’ll find the Writers’ Museum. The museum is run by the City of Edinburgh Council housed in Lady Stair’s House and it presents the lives of three renowned Scottish writers: Robert Burns, Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson. Inside you will discover collections relating to these writers from portraits, works and personal projects of the writers.

The National Library of Scotland

Also a three minute walk from Cheval Old Town Chambers is the National Library of Scotland, also known as the country’s National Collection. The National Library acts as the legal deposit library of Scotland. Inside, you’ll be able to explore specialist collections such as maps, science collections and an estimated 7-million books. Many iconic works of well-known writers can be found here such as the Gutenberg Bible, the manuscript of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species, the first folio of Shakespeare as well as other journals and other publications.

National Museum of Scotland

A short six minute walk from your Residence, Cheval Old Town Chambers will lead you to the National Museum of Scotland. The museum collects over 20,000 objects from Scotland’s history and once there, you will be able to learn more about the natural world, world cultures, science and technology, art, design, fashion and Scottish history.

If you’ve heard of world-famous Dolly the Sheep, you can pay Dolly a visit at the museum. She is an icon in the scientific world, representative of the first successful attempt at mammal cloning from adult cells.

Edinburgh Vaults

The Edinburgh Vaults are a short four minute walk from Cheval Old Town Chambers. To some others, the vaults are known as the South Bridge Vaults. These vaults were previously used to house taverns, workshops for cobbers and tradesmen as well as existing as storage space for some merchants. In the later years, the taverns became home to the homeless, illegal gambling and criminal activities.

The Scottish Storytelling Centre

A four minute walk eastwards from Cheval Old Town Chambers is The Scottish Storytelling Centre. If you didn’t already know, this is the first ever purpose built modern centre for live storytelling. The venue is home to two popular annual festivals:

  1. Scottish International Storytelling Festival
  2. Edinburgh Tradfest


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