Things To Do Near Cheval Gloucester Park

Things To Do Near Cheval Gloucester Park

Sometimes it is nicer to spend some time inside, flick on the kettle and enjoy a hot tea with a good book, even a movie marathon in the comfort of your private cinema, particularly on the colder days. At Cheval Gloucester Park  these are all enticing options, especially because you needn’t leave the building to breathe in the fresh outdoors, thanks to your private balconies and dreamy city views.

But when some of London’s iconic attractions are only just a few-minutes’ walk from your Residence, it’s a bit too tempting to stay in. You’ll want to swap the bathrobe for your city-ready outfit, venture out of your bubble and into the action for the day. No matter the season, London is always an exciting place to be. And if you decide to tick off multiple visits, join us in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – you’ll find that each experience is a unique one!

Staying with us at Cheval Gloucester Park and looking for activities during your stay? Keep on reading – we have you covered!

The National History Museum

Credit: Natural History Museum

Although the museum was closed throughout the summer, it has now re-opened for us to explore again. If you’re planning a visit, ensure to book your ticket in advance to guarantee your spot. Packed with fossils and scientific discoveries, there is plenty for you and your family to discover when you visit. If you’d prefer to learn more about living things that once roamed our  planet, you can explore the fossils collection in the museum. However, if you’re more interested in what science can do, there’s a designated section at the Natural History museum for you.

Dining spots in Kensington

The Ivy Chelsea Garden – Image By Cameron Gardens

When staying with us in Kensington, you’ll be very pleased with the range of restaurants situated close to Cheval Gloucester Park. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance from the Residence, offering a variety of cuisines from Lebanese to Italian, Asian cuisine and so much more. We recently shared a blog post named Restaurants with outdoor spaces in London. Some of the featured restaurants are located in Kensington and Chelsea. Read the post here.

Get your desserts in Kensington

Where The Pancakes Are Credit @wherethepancakesare

For guests with sweet-tooth, good news! Kensington is home to many dessert spots, some of which are within walking distance from Cheval Gloucester Park. Some of our top choices are Maitre Choux South Kensington, The Knot Churros and PAUL Gloucester Road. If you’re happy to travel further away from Cheval Gloucester Park, why not head over to this article and check out The best places for pancakes in London.

Admire Kensington architecture

Credit: Evening Standard

The architecture in each of London’s neighbourhoods are unique from one another, and the Georgian style found in Kensington is loved by many in the city, especially fashion influencers. Take a walk around the neighbourhood and you’ll be walking through a Victorian Citadel. Symmetry and formal classical details is the name of the game, you’ll also find houses painted all white, others brightly radiating their pastel colours We highly recommend exploring the neighbourhood on foot and stopping by the Natural History Museum or Kensington Gardens as you go.

Discover Kensington Palace

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Kensington Palace is a must see whilst you’re in the neighbourhood, especially if you’re staying with us at Cheval Gloucester Park. Kensington Palace was Queen Victoria’s birthplace and also home to many Royals over 300 years. Tickets must be booked in advance with a small fee. To secure your visit please click here. Inside, you’ll get a special insight into how the monarchy lived (and still live!) and also learn all about life at the Palace. Nearby, you’ll find Kensington Gardens, one of eight Royal Parks, a peaceful green space, home to many species of wildlife.

If you are visiting with your family, look out for the boy who never grew up, Peter Pan of course! The fictional character has his very own statue in the gardens. At Cheval Gloucester Park, we also have a piece of art dedicated to the author, JM Barrie, each carefully selected book in the frame is more than 100 years old.

Are you planning on staying for a bit longer, with more time to explore London? Why not head over to our post about the Fictional Characters and Stories Linked to London and plan your visits to each iconic location!


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