Things To Do Indoors This Weekend

Things To Do Indoors This Weekend

Although social distancing has put a limit on a lot of the things we would usually do come Friday, there is always a silver lining once we take a step back and reframe our mindset.

We all have that one task that we ‘don’t have time for’ or that task that ‘can wait’. Remember that odd job that has been on your to-do list for weeks or months? A few weekends indoors will definitely help check some lingering tasks off your list!

This post focuses on the fun and equally important things that you may want to make time for this weekend.


Read a book you’ve been meaning to read

Like a lot of us at Cheval Collection, some people have a habit of buying books and stocking them up for future reading, if you don’t, perhaps you also have a long list of books that you’d like to read. This is the perfect moment to reach for the dusty books stacked on your shelf or switch off the remote and give your eyes a break from the screen. According to Why To read, reading helps to improve your focus and concentration as well as reduces stress.


Tackle the task that was left for ‘later’

If a task is important enough, it makes it on to your to-do list regardless of when you will make time for it. Now is a perfect time to tackle one or more of the things on your to-do list. As humans, we make to-do lists so we don’t forget that important task that we have to tackle as well as to reduce the stress of forgetting or the energy of having to remember it. Besides, checking things off a to-do list is extremely satisfying!


Watching movies on Netflix

If you haven’t already created a list of all the things you’d like to watch on Netflix, you may want to start one as soon as possible because the ‘My List’ feature makes a difference. This feature lets you add all the shows and movies you’d like to watch on to the list, which acts as an instant queue. After you’ve watched a few things you enjoy on Netflix, the platform can even suggest other things you may enjoy watching, similar to the ones on your watched list – the tracking works wonderfully in your favour in terms of suggesting what you may enjoy.

If you need suggestions, catching up with an old friend who shares similar interests as you might be a great idea, which leads us to our next point, or click here for Cheval teams suggestion on What’s Worth Watching on Netflix.


Catch up with friends

This is a perfect time to catch up with your friends to ensure that they’re well and safe. Catching up with friends on the phone is a great way to maintain your friendship; perhaps share life updates and ideas. According to research, friendship plays a very important part in maintaining better mental health as it helps us feel secure through human connection, trust, and acceptance.


Create art

Everyone has the ability to be creative and you never know, by the end of quarantine, you’ll have been able to create many masterpieces for your own home. Jokes aside, art is a very therapeutic activity that you can either do by yourself or get your family involved. Based on Be Brain Fit for a better mind and better life, art improves a lot of things in life like relieves burdensome stress, encourages creative thinking, boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment.


Prepare home cook meals for your family

Why not learn a new recipe and cook for your family this weekend? Perhaps you might find a meal that both you and your family will enjoy having together. Get inspired by our blog post for the best home cook recipes shared by Cheval teams.


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