The Importance Of Having A Dedicated Workspace

The Importance Of Having A Dedicated Workspace

With high-speed WiFi and global connectivity, we can’t deny the fact that these days you can work from anywhere: your bedroom, living room, kitchen countertop, garden and all of the comfortable spaces you can think of around your home. Covid-19 has certainly brought the revelation of remote working to the forefront of many companies with a traditional ‘office only’ mindset. However, did you know that these spaces, although seemingly comfortable, aren’t always the best option and we will be sharing all of the reasons why having a dedicated workspace is so important.

Looking back at the list of work locations above, these are traditionally spaces you would choose to spend your time relaxing in – sleeping, cooking, watching TV and socialising, not usually for work-related activities.

Having a space dedicated for work

Having a dedicated space for work will help you focus and avoid distraction, which can come from all sides; from the people you live with to yourself and your mind! As much as you don’t want to think about other things, sometimes the space you’re in can encourage your mind to drift. For instance, if you are working from your living room, you might find yourself thinking about the film you watched the previous night because you’re sitting exactly where this activity took place. This means only a part of your attention is dedicated to your work, contributing towards a counter productive workday. Having a dedicated workspace will help you focus your attention on the important work-related tasks, so you can walk out of your workspace at the end of the day and look forward to spending time enjoying your evening, perhaps with another movie!

Work and personal life balance

Working from home can make your work and personal life balance difficult, but this is less so when you have a dedicated workspace to walk away from once you’ve completed your workday.

When working in an office, you are free to walk away from your desk and head home to enjoy the evening with your family or out with friends. Working from home makes it difficult to walk away when a task isn’t finished.

This is why having a dedicated work-space may align you with an office mindset. It will help you set boundaries, to encourage you to walk away when your day is over and come back with a fresh mind the next day.

Protect your posture

Sitting in the garden may be comfortable, but you should be careful to protect your long term health. Sitting for extended periods with your back bent or neck crooned over a laptop can wreck longer term havoc on your body, causing pain or mobility difficulties down the line. This is why a home office set-up is best. With a proper desk and ergonomic chair your posture remains supported and protected against injury and strain.

Although working from home and taking all of this into consideration can be challenging, at Cheval Residences, we can create this home-office set up for our guests by converting a second bedroom into an office space if required, offering a desk to work at, an ergonomic chair to protect their posture and a lamp by the desk where our guests can control the brightness.

Adequate background lighting

Not having enough light can cause headaches, dry eyes, pressure from behind your eyes and even blurry vision.

Although on some days we are blessed with enough sunlight for a day spent working under natural light, most of the time, natural light isn’t sufficient enough. Having a dedicated workspace means that you can meet your light requirements by adjusting the brightness and height of your lamp.

To find out more about how we can create your home-office environment at Cheval Residences, visit our dedicated Cheval home office page here and submit your enquiry.


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