The Best Places For Pancakes In London

The Best Places For Pancakes In London

If you have stumbled across this article in search of some sweet delights, you’re in luck! At Cheval Collection, we’re serious about pancakes! With that said, we are about to give you some of our top suggestions for some of the sweetest places to discover pancakes in London. Ready your sweet tooth and read this article to discover what each place has to offer.

Let’s discuss the history of Pancake Day to understand why we have an entire day dedicated to Pancakes. Also known as Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day is the traditional day for feasting before the start of Lent on Ash Wednesday. Pancake Day gives us the opportunity to use up eggs and fats before the Lenten fast.

On Shrove Tuesday, the Pancake Race is also a well-known tradition where housewives have traditionally run in a race to the finish line, dressed in a fancy dress tossing pancakes in their pans.

The tradition of the race started in 1445 where a woman of Olney heard the shriving bell while she was making pancakes. She ran to the church in her apron while making her pancakes, still clutching her frying pan.

Nowadays, local communities will put on their own races, which are more universal these days and open to anyone who wants to take part, not just the housewives!


Where The Pancakes Are

This restaurant is located in Southwark, a 20-minute walk from Cheval Three Quays. Whether you are seeking sweet or savoury pancakes, Where The Pancakes Are can help your delicious pancake cravings. With four menu options, you may have to visit the restaurant several times if you can’t decide which pancake to opt for on your first visit.

If you’re an early riser and considering having pancakes for breakfast, you have options for the popular continental breakfast or small royal.

Found on both their all day and PM menu, the pancake selections are very similar. You may choose from options like American, 1000 baby greens, banana praline marshmallow, or hummingbird.

Other menu options include a menu for children where families spend sweet time together and enjoy pancakes on Pancake Day.


My Old Dutch

My Old Dutch is a pancake specialist restaurant established between the West End, Covent Garden and The City in 1958. There are three branches in London; Holborn, Chelsea and in Kensington. In a short walk, you can get yourself directly to the doorsteps of the delicious pancake restaurant. The Kensington Branch is a short 17-minute walk from Cheval Gloucester Park and the Chelsea branch is a 15-minute walk from Cheval Harrington Court.

My Old Dutch offers the ‘My A La Carte’ menu, ‘My Butterscotch’ menu as well as a kids menu. If you prefer a menu with dietary requirements like vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free – there are plenty of pancake options for you too.

On My A La Carte menu, you’ll find My Old Dutch (smoked bacon, chicken, ham, red and yellow sweet peppers, sweetcorn and cheese), Amsterdammer (sautéed apple and smoked bacon with maple syrup), or Greek (grilled aubergine, tomato, halloumi, feta, olives, cheese red onions and oregano), which are just three of our favourite picks from the menu with abundance of pancake options.


Kensington Crêperies

Tucked in the heart of South Kensington, the French quarter of London where you may find Kensington Crêperies. Good news for guests at Cheval Harrington Court, you’ll be out one door and in the other as it is just a three-minute walk from the Residence. There are two menu options ranging from savory to sweet pancakes.

On the savory menu, you may enjoy the delicious Chicken Pesto pancake, Mona Liza and Four Cheese. These are just a few of the delicious options on offer.

On the sweet menu, you may find Hazal-Bania (hazelnuts, bananas, chocolate and salted caramel), Banana Split (banana with nutella and whipped cream) and Kinder Bueno (nutella, bueno cream and biscuits crumbs) which are just a few to list.

Feeling creative and know what you want but it’s not on the menu? You can also request for a ‘make your own’ option here where you can pick and choose exactly what you would like to have on your pancake.


DIY Pancake

If you’re feeling creative and would like to have your dream pancake consisting of all the things you want, making your own delicious pancake is the best option. With just milk, flour, eggs and a pan, you can easily do this from your own kitchen. Of course, not forgetting the extra ingredients to make your dream pancake.

Cheval Collection’s apartments have fully equipped kitchens, where you are able to put on your chef hat and make the pancake from the comfort of your own home away from home; not to mention, being able to enjoy your pancake to a stunning view of the city.

Images credit: Where The Pancakes Are Credit @wherethepancakesare, My Old Dutch Credit @ myolddutchpancakes and Kensington Crêperies Tripadvisor


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