Staycation Ideas in Edinburgh: The Things You Can Do

Staycation Ideas in Edinburgh: The Things You Can Do

If you want to start planning a reunion with your friends and family in the UK, we know a beautiful city in Scotland called Edinburgh that will tick all of your boxes for the perfect staycation.

Cheval will be welcoming two new Residences to the Collection officially on the 1st July 2020, both located in the beating heart of Edinburgh. From our new Residences, not only is it easy to walk to most desirable sites in the city, but guests can also enjoy returning to the comfort of our luxurious apartments, which sit within buildings that are also steeped in history.

When you think of visiting a city, you might imagine driving around in a car to get from one place to another, or perhaps you would normally look into using the local public transport. In Edinburgh, top attractions are within walking distance, and every step uncovers a unique story from the past – our recommendation would therefore be to explore the city on foot.

In this article we will be giving you some insights into the various areas in Edinburgh and places that you can add to your list to explore. If you’re not planning anything yet, read on and let us inspire you!

No matter what kind of trip you are planning as a perfect reunion with your family, Edinburgh will have something to please every member of the family, both young and old.

Edinburgh New Town and Edinburgh Old Town

Regardless whether you choose to stay in the New Town or the Old Town, both are within walking distance from each other and from the hustle and bustle of the city’s top spots. Both the Old Town and New Town combined is listed as one of UNESCO World Heritage sites and as the name suggests, the Old Town represents the oldest part of the city.

In Edinburgh’s Old Town you’ll find St.Giles’ Cathedral, the Grassmarket, the Scottish National Museum, the Scottish Parliament building, The University of Edinburgh, the Old Collection, the General Assembly Hall of the Church of Scotland and of course, Cheval Old Town Chambers (and these are just a few to list!).

In the New Town, you’ll be able to discover Princes Street, Edinburgh’s famous shopping boulevard, the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, St Andrew Square Garden, Calton Hill, Rose Street filled with the city’s pubs, the historic Waverly Bridge, the luxury shopping district of Multrees Walk and much more.

For the happy snappers out there, both the Old Town and New Town have their own picturesque corners for plenty of photo-taking, each with their own unique style. Circus Lane in New Town is a street filled with mews houses, which would sit nicely on anyone’s social media feed or simply printed as a keepsake to look back on. Alternatively, in the Old Town, you’ll get to capture stunning images of Victoria Street, built-in 1829 – 1834 as a part of the town’s improvement plan.

The Royal Mile

The name ‘The Royal Mile’ came around in the 20th century and it represents the main street located in the Old Town, which runs from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Abbey. The Royal Mile is also home to attractions like The Real Mary King’s Close (a historic close dating back to the 17th century) or the Scottish Storytelling Centre, a venue for live performances and interactive displays.

St Margaret’s Loch

Loved by both locals and visited by many tourists, this is a must-see location on your visit to Edinburgh. St Margaret’s Loch is a man-made loch by the side of the Queen’s Drive located in Holyrood Park to the east side of Holyrood Palace. The loch is also home to geese, swans and ducks.

Cheval The Edinburgh Grand

Situated in the New Town on St. Andrew Square, Cheval The Edinburgh Grand is a living landmark in its own right. This magnificent building was formerly the headquarters of the National Bank of Scotland and also the global head office for the Royal Bank of Scotland until 2007. Each room is unique and stylish to make every visit different and memorable. On site, you’ll also find CaveFit gym, upscale drinking and dining at Hawksmoor and Lady Libertine and also The Register Club.

Cheval Old Town Chambers

Tucked in the heart of Edinburgh Old Town is Cheval Old Town Chambers. The Residence is only a few minutes walk to some of Edinburgh’s top attractions. The Penthouse is perfect for your family reunion, offering plenty of space and stunning views across the to the Firth of Forth, where everyone can enjoy the history from the comfort of their own home away from home. Cheval Old Town Chambers has 50 apartments ranging from 1 – 3 bedrooms and penthouses to a 15th century Townhouse, one of the oldest in Edinburgh.

We hope to see you in Edinburgh soon!


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