Spooky Halloween Walks Around London And Edinburgh 🎃

Spooky Halloween Walks Around London And Edinburgh 🎃

Trick or treat? Let’s forget the tricks, we’ve all had enough of those this year. Instead, treat yourself to some time away this Halloween and spend your time exploring the spooky corners of Edinburgh and London; two of the UK’s capitals with plenty of tales to make you jump out of your skin. In this article we will be sharing all the creepy corners we know of to help you plan your spooky (but safe and socially distanced) walk around the two cities on Halloween!

If we have not mentioned a spooky spot that you think is worth sharing, we’re all ears!


“The Waving White Lady” at the Tower of London

Although there are plenty of scary tales from the Tower of London, by far the spookiest of all is the waving lady who waves at children from across the building. Nobody knows about how she died or even who she was. Many children who have walked past the Tower of London have spotted her waving down at them.

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“The Screaming Woman of King’s Cross”

It’s an ongoing mystery who the screaming woman is, and where she came from. King’s Cross is linked to the fire of 1987 which took 31 lives. Since the year 1988, many have told a story of how they have seen a woman wandering around the corridors at King’s Cross, screaming with her arms outstretched. As for those who have seen her and heard her screaming, when asking whether she is okay, she would vanish into thin air.

Click here to read a full story: Wattpad

The Black Nun of Bank

A member of staff at Bank Station called Cliff Archibald was checking through the station’s CCTV after closing the station one night. Around 2am he spotted an old lady standing in the corridor, so he went to find out why she was still in the station. As he approached her, she started to run away until she turned the corner, where she mystically vanished…

She was suspected to be the ghost of a nun called Sarah Whitehead, utterly heartbroken when her brother was executed in 1811, which is why she was wandering the area looking for him. She roams around the station because she was buried at the site of today’s tube station.

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The Ghosts at Edinburgh Castle

A story of a young piper who disappeared over hundreds of years ago still remains, though his soul is lost. A number of tunnels were found under the castle that lead to Holyrood House, many people were curious where the tunnel beneath the castle would lead. The tunnel was only small enough for a young boy to get through so he was sent down with his bag pipes to find out. He was told to play the pipe as he walked through the tunnel so those waiting above would be able to work out where the tunnel would lead to. Suddenly the pipe stopped playing near Tron Kirk, a landmark that stands on the Royal Mile.

A rescue mission was attempted with no success and there was absolutely no sign of the young boy. Ever since, people have reported sounds of bag pipes coming from below the ground, both under the castle and the Royal Mile.

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The Phantom Dog

If you’re strolling around Edinburgh’s Old Town, you might hear a dog barking without seeing it, that could be Bobby. Bobby is a phantom Skye terrier, known to the locals for his unwavering faithfulness. Bobby spent 14 years guarding his master’s grave until he passed away in 1872 and was buried in Greyfriars Kirkland. To this day, some people can still hear him barking.

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Witches Burned Alive On The Royal Mile

In the 17th century, King James was renowned for his obsession for witch-hunting. It was suspected that around 300 – 500 women in Edinburgh were brought over to the market place on the Royal Mile and burned alive having been accused of dark magic. Although this famous location has a dark history, it is now known as a social hotspot for both visitors and locals. Thankfully, these haunting witch hunts stopped hundreds of years ago.

Click here to read a full story: Atlas Obscura


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