Cheval Three Quays Marks Remembrance Day
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Cheval Three Quays Marks Remembrance Day

Crowds gather to witness the nightly ceremony at the Tower of London.

To mark the centenary of the end of the First World War, Cheval Three Quays has pledged to donate a week’s profits from two of its apartments facing the Tower of London to the Royal British Legion charitable fund.

The Royal British Legion provides lifelong support for the Armed Forces community – serving men and women, veterans and their families.

Many of the building’s apartments face directly onto the 1,000 year-old castle, offering a unique perspective of the moving tribute taking place until the 11th November, as 10,000 flames are lit in the moat on a nightly basis. The installation, entitled ‘Beyond the Deepening Shadow: The Tower Remembers’, is intended to honour the sacrifice of the many who fell during the four-year conflict.

A Beefeater, as the ex-service personnel who work at the Tower of London are known, stands watch as the flames are lit one by one.

The Cheval Three Quays building lit up in red to commemorate the occasion

The above and below photos capturing our Remembrance week event in full swing.

The view of the Tower of London and across to Tower Bridge.



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