The Benefits of a Luxury Staycation

The Benefits of a Luxury Staycation

Holidays don’t always have to mean jetting to the other side of the globe, spending your hard earned cash for something that you might even dread, due to the stresses of travelling… especially with a family in tow. Staycations provide a way to keep your wanderlust alive, by allowing you to rediscover the beauty of your own country. At Cheval Collection, our variety of Residences provides you with plenty of options for your next staycation. Choose Edinburgh and discover the overwhelming history that bursts from the city, or choose London and roam around some of the world’s most iconic attractions, sampling a selection of top tier restaurants as you go!


Forget the costs of a plane ticket, all you need to do is hop in your car and go. This already saves you a decent chunk on the flights, airport parking, airport pick up alone. Since staycations are more cost-effective, you can use that money to indulge in luxury amenities and fun activities. Not to mention that staycations can sometimes also be shorter in length, which also means more money saved!

Your pet can come too!

At Cheval Residences, we know how important it is to enjoy a staycation as a family so we are delighted to welcome all guests, including the furry ones! You can rest easy and comfortable knowing that whatever experience you embark on, your pet can come along too. Your fury friend will receive the same five-star service as their human owners, with comfortable beds and delicious treats available on request.

You can be a tourist in your own country

Only a small percentage of us have actually seen the top attractions in our own country. We spend all of our time googling international trips and forget what is actually on our own doorsteps. Staycation-ing is a great way to discover gorgeous parts of the country that you never knew existed. Cheval Residences are cleverly located in the heart of the most culture-enriched cities, leaving with you plenty to do and see within easy reach.

Feel rested and recharged

Have you experienced that feeling of coming back home from a holiday feeling more tired than when you left? Staycation-ing totally eliminates that. First, you won’t feel the overwhelming tiredness that jet lag brings, or suffer from any accumulated pre-travel stress. Forget having to wait for your bags or worrying about missing your flight, just hop in the car and go.

When you stay at any Cheval Residence you will be sure to feel at home straight away, with one difference. You don’t have to worry about the daily chores that come with running a household – we have that covered with daily housekeeping and a 24-hour Front Office team at every Residence. Staycations tend to happen at a much slower place, leaving you without that sense of urgency to see and do everything you possibly can. Take a stroll through Hyde Park with an ice cream or hike up to Calton Hill to take in the magnificent views over Edinburgh.


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