London’s Colourful Neighbourhoods

London’s Colourful Neighbourhoods

On warm summer days, some of the best areas to visit in London are of course the colourful ones. When the sky is blue with not a cloud in sight, the radiant sunshine reflects off the brightly painted walls, creating a picture-perfect scene and one that brightens up any day time stroll.

Simply going for a walk around these neighborhoods even just to admire the pastel palettes is something fun that you can plan to do when you visit the capital. Since most of these neighborhoods are also home to an abundance of cafes, restaurants, shops and even market stalls, there will be plenty of distractions as you go.

If your favourite influencer’s images are posed against a backdrop of colourful houses, the chances are that it might be in London, because ‘gram citizens love beautiful locations, and London offers exactly that.

With many colorful neighborhoods and pastel streets to choose from in the city, you’ll be spoiled with options –  so if you’re staying for longer, it might be worth taking some time to visit them all!

Notting Hill

Located in the district of West London, Notting Hill is known as an influencer hotspot for its colourful houses and streets. The famous film named after this area, starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts, was filmed here and there’s no questioning why –  if you’d like to snap some images for your ‘gram feed, there’s an abundance of picturesque roads to choose from. Be sure to visit from Sunday – Thursday as on Fridays and Saturdays, Portobello Road, which runs through Notting Hill, turns into the world’s largest antique market.

Below you’ll find a list of streets where you can gaze upon the colourful houses in Notting Hill. If you have time, we would recommend passing through them all as each and every one is unique.

  • Portobello Road Notting Hill
  • Westbourne Grove Notting Hill
  • Clarendon Road Notting Hill
  • Lancaster Road Notting Hill


Chelsea houses a few surprises that you might not expect to find. When thinking of Chelsea, you might think about beautiful grand houses painted in white, however, the streets listed below are Chelsea’s colourful hidden gems, lending a sprinkle of colour to this high-end area. If your Instagram feed is a pastel-coloured theme, we’re delighted to share that most of the photographs have been likely taken at the streets listed below. Even if you are just visiting to spot the pastel houses, it’s definitely worth it as these pastel properties can’t be found anywhere else!

  • Byswater Street Chelsea
  • Godfrey Street Chelsea
  • Lennox Gardens Mews
  • Smith Terrace
  • Markham Street
  • Stewarts Grove

Chinatown Leicester Square

Although the colours are not typically the variety you might expect in the other neighbourhoods mentioned in this blog post, Chinatown is one of the most popular places to visit by both locals and visitors. As demonstrated in the picture above, Chinatown has a red theme because in Chinese culture, red symbolises luck, joy and happiness. As well as being able to take nice pictures on your visits, Chinatown is loved by all for the vast array of dining and entertainment options.

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Imagine yourself walking through an outdoor art gallery, this is what it feels like to walk along the streets of Shoreditch. This area in East London is loved by both artists and art lovers – the area is fittingly filled with colourful unique graffiti. You might find your favourite artist’s original artwork on the walls, Banksy is just one – head to Rivington street for his famous Guard Dog wall art.

  • Rivington Street
  • Great Eastern Street
  • Cremer Street
  • Princelet Street
  • Toynbee Street
  • Shoreditch High Street
  • Heneage Street
  • Fashion Street
  • Brick Lane
  • Bell Lane


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