Explore London in 72 Hours

Explore London in 72 Hours

On the 4th July, restaurants and hotels in London will begin to reopen (hurrah!). As shops have already been open for a few weeks, now is the perfect time to start planning your long-awaited extended weekend in the Capital (and create a shopping list while you’re at it!) If you’re considering 72 hours in the city, this article is the perfect day-by-day guide to help you to organise your time. Your 3 days will be packed with exciting suggestions to ensure that your first trip back to the city for a reunion with your friends and family is a memorable one.

Take a look at our suggestions and incorporate them into your own itinerary or simply squeeze them all in making the most of your time in London.

If you want to avoid using public transport, you can choose to cycle around the city with the public Barclays bicycles or Santander bicycles. Not only will you be able to enjoy London’s lovely sunshine, you’ll also get to discover more of the city along your ride from one place to another with a blissful breeze in your hair!

Day 1 – Explore London’s West End

The West End is the entertainment and cultural hub of the city, located to the north of River Thames. From dining experiences to shopping streets and coffee shops tucked into the quaint narrow streets, the West End is the perfect place to enjoy your first day in your new favourite city, London.

Regent Street

Regent Street is known as London’s fashion headquarters. Many leading high-street to high end retailers are located there. Feeling hungry? No problem! There are restaurants scattered along this area to break up your day, refuel and allow you to enjoy a full day of shopping.

Bond Street

Bond Street has been home to luxury retailers since the 18th century. From exclusive brands, luxury goods, fine jewelry stores, to art and antiques. You’ll want to pay a visit if not just to marvel at the colorful window displays.

Oxford Street

The street is famous for being every shopaholic’s favourite destination in London. Have you heard the phrase “shop ‘til you drop”? Well, if Oxford Street were to have a tagline, this would certainly be it!


If you’re more interested in the culture and lifestyle side while visiting the West End, Carnaby would be the place for you. As well as the famous Liberty located there, you can find many British brands around the area.

The best part about the shopping streets in the West End is that all of them are closely connected so you can always start with one and make your way down the list, this way, you cover all of the shopping streets. However, if you already have some shops that you’d like to visit in mind, prioritize on those and be sure to make some time to explore the other streets later. There’s plenty to keep you busy!


Loved by both locals and tourists from all around the world, Leicester Square is the cultural hub and delicious food central. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll find that we especially love the ‘gram-worthy waffle. Why not head there to grab one for yourself and tag us on Instagram at @chevalcollection.  A good news for all the LEGO fans in the world, you’ll find LEGO’s biggest store on the planet. For those with a sweet tooth, we come bearing good news for you too. The famous M&M World is also located there and it is Europe’s largest store!

Visit this link to read our guide on Chinatown in London

Day 2 – Explore The City of London

Speaking of London skyscrapers and iconic views, head over to the City and you’ll be able to capture an image of yourself against the backdrop of your favourite iconic building. Speaking of, if you fancy waking up to a scenic breakfast against a backdrop of London’s Tower Bridge, why not stay with us at Cheval Three Quays to make it possible? Experience the lifestyle of having London’s most iconic attraction just outside your window!

Iconic attractions in The City of London

  • Tower Bridge
  • Big Ben
  • The London Eye
  • Westminster Abbey
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Palace of Westminster
  • The Shard
  • The National Gallery

Day 3 – Picnic at The Royal Parks

After a couple of busy days shopping and exploring the city, why not spend the last day indulging in London’s sunshine and better yet, prepare a picnic for your friends or family and soak up each other’s company. No time like the present!

P.S. If you choose to head over to Richmond Park, let us know how many deer you spot!

Royal Parks In London

  • Hyde Park
  • Kensington Gardens
  • Richmond Park
  • Bushy Park
  • St James’s Park
  • The Green Park
  • The Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill
  • Greenwich Park
  • Victoria Tower Gardens

Images Credit: @rudy_groove


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