Explore Edinburgh in 72 hours

Explore Edinburgh in 72 hours

A long weekend in Edinburgh

This blog post shares an array of activities suitable for a well-deserved reunion with family and friends , as well as those considering a solo trip over a long weekend! Edinburgh is a small historic city located in Scotland, tucked in the Northern third of Great Britain. If you’re looking for a destination filled with history, stunning scenery and a fantastic shopping scene, Edinburgh is an absolute must for your bucket list!

The great news is that things are starting to ease in Scotland, shops will start to reopen on the 29th June 2020, and that’s not too far away. While waiting, why not book a trip for a reunion with your family and friends or treat yourself to some future ‘me time’ away.

Before leaving for your destination, booking your accommodation is the most important thing. Once you get to Edinburgh, drop your luggage off and head out to explore the city with peace of mind that you will soon return to your comfortable home away from home in Edinburgh. Finding yourself the perfect place to stay for a restful weekend isn’t an easy task and we encourage you to start looking and book early.

We were delighted to welcome three Residences to the Collection on the 21st May when the agreement was announced, and officially on the 1st July 2020. Our new Residences have their own unique story and each has played its part in Edinburgh’s history. Head over to this article to learn more about each of our Residences.

Day 1: Explore Edinburgh’s New Town

After checking in to your accommodation, you may be tired and might want to take some time  to relax. In the New Town, you’ll find well known historical and educational places like the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and The Scott Monument to stroll around at your own pace. Alternatively, head over to Calton Hill with your favourite book and enjoy a read with the landscape of the city as your backdrop.

When hospitality businesses are fully open again, in the evening you can head over to the Edinburgh Playhouse to watch their latest theatre production. Did you know that the Edinburgh Playhouse is known as the UK’s largest working non-sporting theatre in terms of audience capacity, with a whopping 3,059 seats?!

But if none of this tickles your fancy, why not dive straight into some retail therapy? Head over to Princes Street and George Street to shop until you drop!

For those who are considering staying in this area, why not spend your long weekend with us at Cheval The Edinburgh Grand? Cheval The Edinburgh Grand is located in the heart of New Town and is extremely convenient for getting from one place to another. The Residence was constructed in World War 2 and was formerly the headquarters of the National Bank of Scotland before becoming the global head office for the Royal Bank of Scotland until 2007. Our three-bedroom penthouse on the top floor has a stunning 360 angle view of the city and beyond.

Day 2: Explore Edinburgh’s Old Town

No matter which area you decide to explore in Edinburgh during your long weekend, 72 hours in the city is pretty much guaranteed to be time well spent; virtually every corner and step of your walk leads to something historic. For a more history-focussed visit, the Old Town is the perfect place to spend a full day. As the city is quite small and easy to navigate, staying in the Old Town or the New Town won’t make much difference as you’ll be able to discover the majority of Edinburgh within 72 hours of your stay.

Thanks to a very clever Victorian technology, start your Old Town experience at one of Edinburgh’s slightly more quirky exhibitions, thought to be Edinburgh’s oldest attraction! Camera Obscura lets you see the virtual reality of the 19th century!

Take your trip to the next level by commissioning a bespoke kilt – and if you do, please share your snaps with us! You can do so at Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers in the Canongate.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Edinburgh without a pub crawl! The Old Town is home to Edinburgh’s very best pubs. Here are some suggestions for our top picks: The Bow Bar, Sandy Bells’, Scotsman’s Lounge and Tolbooth Tavern. Try one, or try them all!

Day 3: Photography

Although we can say that the whole city is very photogenic, the list of places that we have compiled below are perfect for capturing memories that will help you to identify the iconic corners in Edinburgh when looking back. Dedicate a full day to capturing Edinburgh’s most photogenic corners, or simply snap as you go:

  • Dean Village
  • The Royal Mile
  • Princes Street Gardens
  • Calton Hill
  • Victoria Street
  • Arthur’s Seat
  • View from the rooftop of the National Museum of Scotland


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