Cheval Collection Covid-19 procedures and precautions

Cheval Collection Covid-19 procedures and precautions



To prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, Cheval Collection has put in place the following set of procedures and standards at its Residences to limit the chance of exposure both for our team members as well as our valued guests and clients.

Although this has required us all to adapt our behaviour, we know how much our visitors value the services we provide, and we are committed to maintaining our already high standards without compromising on hygiene or safety.


Staying with confidence

Cheval Collection is an accredited member of ASAP,­­ the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers, representing over 100,000 apartments in 21 countries. This independent not for profit trade body inspects and accredits buildings on an annual basis according to nine key standards, one of which covers hygiene and cleaning.


What to expect when booking and staying at a Cheval Residence


  • Whether at the enquiry or confirmation stage, guests will be advised of the protocols in place and directed to the full frequently asked questions page on our website which outlines the standards and procedures in place
  • We can arrange for a sanitised private vehicle to collect guests from their arrival airport or railway station



  • Hands-free access to each building where automatic doors are in place, or a supply of hospital grade hand sanitiser gel at the entry point
  • Clear signage in the lobby area with floor level and eye level markings to indicate government advised social distancing measures
  • Temperature checks for arriving guests. Anyone displaying a temperature over 37.5 degrees Celsius will be advised to go to the nearest medical facility
  • Perspex screens have been installed on reception to prevent transmission
  • Cheval team members will be wearing appropriate PPE at check-in and during other interactions in apartments (housekeeping or maintenance for example)
  • If handling luggage (on request only), the handles and touch points will be sanitised by one of our colleagues
  • Where keyless entry is not available, ultraviolet light technology will be used to sanitise keys before they are presented to guests. Guests are encouraged to download the Cheval app which allows for remote check-in on arrival



  • Prior to arrival, every apartment has undergone rigorous cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectant (Oxivir Plus). This applies to all surfaces and touchpoints and complimentary toiletries
  • Note that where there is a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 from the previous occupant, we allow 72 hours to elapse before our cleaning team enters the apartment
  • A ‘Peace of Mind’ sticker will indicate the above has been completed and will be affixed to the apartment door
  • Included with the usual welcome items will be hand sanitiser gel, face masks and surface wipes in a sealed container packed under sterilised conditions
  • Information about services for delivery of food and drinks directly to the apartment is provided
  • Our front office teams are happy to assist with organising shopping deliveries and ‘click and collect’ orders
  • Additional sets of linen are available on request



  • Your apartment will be cleaned regularly by our experienced team – this is usually once a week, but the frequency can vary if a different schedule is agreed at the time of booking
  • During cleaning you can expect the room attendant to:
    • be wearing a face mask, gloves and protective equipment on arrival
    • methodically clean the apartment following our standard operating procedures
    • use hospital-grade disinfectant (Oxivir Plus) to wipe down all areas to ensure the maximum level of cleanliness
  • If guests are unable to vacate the apartment during the cleaning process, we ask for your cooperation in maintaining social distancing. Where possible vacate the room where the attendant is cleaning
  • There is no risk of cross contamination between apartments through either the air conditioning or ventilation systems. A full explanation for why this is impossible can be found on our frequently asked questions page:
  • We are happy to supply cleaning products for guest on request
  • To minimise the risk of contaminated surfaces, the following items have been removed from all apartments but can be provided on request:
    • Magazines
    • Printed directories
    • Books
    • Note pads and pens
    • Welcome hamper cards
    • Cookbooks
    • Paper cups
    • Laundry bags and list
    • Hairdryer bags
    • Slipper bags
    • Silk hangers
    • Vanity kits
    • Shower caps
  • As standard practice, any unused and unopened toiletries are stored for a minimum of 72 hours before use in another apartment



  • Guests will find complimentary hand sanitiser gel located at all lift/elevator entrance and exit points
  • Signs outside lifts advise guests to avoid sharing these spaces with those not in their family or apartment group
  • Some furniture in communal areas has been removed to allow for appropriate social distancing
  • All surfaces touched on a routine basis, such as lift call buttons, are disinfected according to a recurrent sanitisation schedule using hospital grade surface disinfectant. A list of common touchpoints prioritised for cleaning are:
    • Desktop and all work surfaces
    • Door furniture, drawer handles, curtain draw rods
    • Stair handrail
    • ​Light switches and buttons
    • Thermostat Controls
    • TV remote controllers
    • Computer monitors, keyboards, mice
    • Tablets and laptops
    • Telephone equipment, buttons, and handset
    • All chair rests and arms
    • Sinks, tap handles, and plugs in the kitchen areas
    • Toilets, seats and handles including all surfaces
  • Gyms are presently closed, however once reopened, they will be cleaned four times daily. Signage will be in place to encourage users to sanitise the machines and equipment before and after use
  • At each Residence jogging exercise maps are available on request



Should a guest display symptoms associated with Covid-19 or receive a positive test result, they and anyone sharing their accommodation will be asked to strictly follow government advice and isolate themselves for at least 14 days. Housekeeping services will not be offered during the isolation period, however the front office team is happy to arrange for deliveries to be brought directly to guests’ apartment door. Guests can make use of the Cheval App to communicate with the team during this period.

Once guests have vacated the apartment, after a period of quarantine of at least 72 hours the following cleaning and quarantine regime will be activated:

  • All areas of the apartment are deep cleaned by members of the housekeeping team equipped with disposable gloves and aprons along with eye and face protection
  • Hard surfaces are cleaned using a disposable cloth with warm, soapy water. Surfaces will then be disinfected using hospital grade disinfectant (Oxivir Plus)
  • Where surfaces cannot be sanitised as above, for example upholstered furniture and mattresses, steam cleaning will be employed
  • All soiled items used in the cleaning process and retrieved from in apartment waste bins will be double bagged for disposal



Prioritising the safety of our team not only safeguards their health but the health of any guests they encounter. The following procedures are in place at all sites:

  • Facial recognition infrared thermometers checks are undertaken for all Cheval Colleagues on arrival. Anyone displaying a high temperature will be sent home
  • Daily training and reinforcement of hygiene best practice occurs at every meeting, team handover and briefing
  • The team is encouraged to look for signs of respiratory illnesses amongst their colleagues and guests
  • Social distancing is in force in staff only areas, with frequent cleaning of shared surfaces throughout the day
  • Uniforms are washed daily
  • All employees are provided with gloves and masks as standard
  • For any contractors on site the team monitors their work to ensure guidance and appropriate PPE is in use
  • A system is in place so team members can communicate any concerns to managers or the employee consultative committee


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