Adventurous Things To Do In London
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Adventurous Things To Do In London

When afternoon tea and a ride on the London Eye doesn’t tickle your fancy, we think you’re going to enjoy what this article has in store for you. We have listed some of the fun and more adventurous things you can enjoy whilst staying in the city. From the more unusual activities to the simple-yet-fun ones, take your pick! Although the choice is endless in London, we’ve picked some of our personal favourites that you won’t want to miss out on!


Thames Speedboat

Although a leisurely cruise on the Thames sounds like a fun idea, if you prefer more of a challenge, then you’re going to love the idea of racing along the Thames on a speedboat. Add an element of fun to your trip by discovering the city from a different angle… and with speed!

Click here for more information on Thames Speedboat


Kayaking on the Thames

Although this may sound like a slow activity, the challenge here is all in the arms! Do you think you have what it takes to paddle along the Thames on your Kayak? Why not find out by going on the experience! Kayaking will give you more control in terms of where you want to go, what you want to see and where you want to stop and enjoy the view as you go.

Click here for more information on Kayaking


See London from a Helicopter

Red buses, black cabs, the London underground – these are all great ways to travel around the city; but if you ask us, a helicopter sounds like the best idea ever! Enjoy a stunning birds-eye view of London and its landmarks, only experienced by those daring enough to take off.

Click here for more information on London helicopter tours


Oxygen Freejumping

How does a room full of connected trampolines sound to you?  Bouncing and flipping freely, wherever your body takes you for a whole hour – this activity is sure to leave you on a high! Enjoy over 100 connected trampolines and innovative zones for you to bounce, climb or somersault. You can even expect giant airbags, foam pits, dodgeball courts, slam-dunk basketball and performance trampolines!

Click here for more information on Oxygen Freejumping

Images: Thames Rocket, London Kayak Company, Virgin Days Experience and Oxygen Freejumping


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