A Guide To Black Friday In London

A Guide To Black Friday In London

In this article, we’ll equip you with all the knowledge required to find the very best Black Friday deals in London. Whether you feel like staying indoors or shopping in the city, we’ve got you covered. Expect tips on where you can shop online and the top shopping destinations around town. This is a perfect opportunity to get some of your Christmas shopping out of the way or even just treat yourself.

Although Black Friday itself falls on Friday 29th November, keep an eye on your favourite brands, as some start their Black Friday deals weeks in advance. If you’re planning on visiting London with the intention of going on a shopping spree, you’ll get to benefit from the sparkling Christmas Light displays lining the high streets and in the festive department store windows. Each shopping location has its own theme making your shopping experience extra magical.


Oxford Street and Regent Street

Two of London’s most popular shopping streets, Regent Street and Oxford Street are the ones to go to for your favourite high street stores and high-end designer brands. As you walk along, the nearest coffee shop is never too far away and you’ll find plenty of restaurants to grab a quick munch before carrying on with your day.



Just around the corner from Cheval Knightsbridge, you will find London’s ultimate shopping spot for designer lovers, Harrods. This luxury department store houses a range of goods including London themed products and top British brands. First founded in 1849 as a small shop in London with just two employees selling fruit, vegetables, perfumes, and medicine, it has impressively expanded into one of London’s most famous shopping destinations filled with designer concessions and up-market food. Not only that, but it has also been crowned the largest department store in Europe. Harrods are starting their Black Friday Sale on the 29th November, which  will last until the 26th December..


Bicester Village

Love your designers and love a bargain? Bicester Village will be your new favourite shopping destination. The well-known outlet is just an hour away from London by train and the ideal destination for designer lovers who also love a good deal. You will receive an even better deal if you book direct with Cheval Collection. Book two nights or more and you’ll receive an exclusive VIP Pass offering you a 10% discount at participating boutiques at Bicester Village and VIP treatment while you shop. We’re talking about hands-free shopping and access to a VIP apartment to relax away from the crowds.


Online Shopping

If going out to shop during the busy shopping season is not your cup of tea, you’ll be delighted to hear that some brands offer Black Friday discounts online. Visit your favourite brand’s website to be the first to know about the deal. You also have the option to sign up to their email list so you can be the first to know group. Sometimes better deals are given to their subscribers.


Cheval Collection

Catch our own Black Friday offer and save up to 25% off our usual rates at one of our participating Residences. With stays as little as £181 per night, plan your next trip to London and book before 2nd December to catch this special offer!

Black Friday offer is currently not available for 2020. Be the first to know by signing up for our newsletter.


Images credit: Bicester Village, @alexandrapereira, @london_street_style


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