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TOP 5 Shopping destinations in the City of London

Who would have thought that the financial district is also home to some amazing shopping destinations?!And because our Concierge team at Cheval Three Quays loves shopping just as much as you do, here are their Top 5 tips for shopping in the City.(more…)

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TOP 5 must see attractions in the City of London

Founded by the Romans, the City of London is home to many world famous landmarks and attractions.Discover the City's history with our Top 5 guide of attractions, all handpicked by our Concierge team at Cheval Three Quays. (more…)

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TOP 5 things to do on the River Thames

London's River Thames is famous for landmarks such as Tower Bridge, the London Eye and the Palace of Westminster, but there are plenty of exciting activities to do on the river itself.Our top five activities are all tried and tested by our adventurous Cheval Three Quays Concierge team.(more…)

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TOP 5 restaurants in the City of London

London's buzzing financial district is home to hundreds of restaurants offering cuisines from all over the world. From noodles to oysters, it's all in the City of London.And because no one knows Cheval Three Quays neighbourhood better than our Concierge team, here are their favourite¬†5 restaurants to tickle your taste buds.(more…)

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