Health, Exercise & Wellbeing Service

Bespoke personal consultations with LIFE Acrobat specialist

“You’re busy looking after everyone else… but who’s looking after YOU?”

We have teamed up with LIFE Acrobat to offer guests at Cheval Residences access to tailored sessions with a health and wellbeing professional.

The LIFE Acrobat programmes are developed around you and your specific goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, manage your stress levels, learn how to exercise more efficiently or find inspiration in the kitchen.

A bespoke program, designed for your needs, time and available space, anytime, anywhere, individual to you. With a LIFE Acrobat specialist, you won’t feel the need to find excuses.


Living Intelligently

Together work on areas of discontent that may be impacting specific areas of your
life, or your general well-being, and figure out the drivers behind these and help you
to establish new habits.


What is leading you to your current food choices and how this can be improved upon
together. LIFE Acrobat will create a bespoke diet for your needs and recipes to complement this.


Whether it’s avoidance all together or something prohibiting you from attaining your goals,
LIFE Acrobat will work through it and provide a tailored programme to match.


All of this can be done online, so it will fit in with your lifestyle, and can be accessed any
time, any place, anywhere. LIFE Acrobat is designed to work with you and who your are to
make this journey as easy and as enjoyable as possible.

To arrange a consultation please see the Concierge Team at your Residence

Night Room Service

Order from 24 hour and late-night restaurants

Guests staying in each of our Residences can choose to order their food from a selection of top local restaurants and cafés

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Private dining in your apartment

Cheval Residences has partnered with La Belle Assiette, specialists in supplying private chefs to homes in cities all over Europe

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